This Morning’s Ramblings

9:21am. It’s been 3 hours since I had my morning coffee and cereal. It’s been 21 minutes since I sat down and I’ve already sent out 8 emails and and received 8 emails. The plumber is in my basement taking care of minor leak. He came at 8:51am. My 3 1/2 year old put on his sneakers all by himself today. Finally!

By 10am I hope to have my daily blog finished so I can begin on a number of projects. First, I am working on a calendar design for one of our long-time clients. The important thing to remember is that their corporate identity needs to be … hold on… email #9 just came in. Anyway, the important thing to remember is that their calendar design needs to be dynamic, interesting to look at and informative while, at the same time adhering to their standards of corporate identity, that means colors, fonts and design styles.

My second task is to work on a number of design tests for a newsletter… hold up email #10 just came in. So, this newsletter is for the same client that we are working on the calendar design for. Oh, and did I mention the calendar design is not your typical calendar. It will show three months at a time, each month will then be removed (really, teared but that sounds so final) to reveal the next month. Back to the newsletter… Looking forward to this project since I worked as a graphic designer at an alternative newsweekly in Rochester, NY and spent many days and nights laying out articles.

Plumber’s done…  …$150 dollars to him for cleaning out the furnace and looks like another $150 for a new motor that was guaranteed for 3 years. And guess how old the motor is? 3 years. It’s like they put a timer in your house that knows exactly the life expectancy of everything. Our appliances are past their warranty and yesterday the handle on our microwave broke. Anyway… so beyond calendars and newsletters I’ll be working on some HTML templates for a parking garage website design and ongoing updates to all of DDA’s websites and top secret projects that are underway.  It’s 9:43am.