To-do Lists a Plenty

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I, like Toni, will not think of Christmas one minute sooner than I have to. No presents have been purchased, no decorations are up and no lists have been written (at least not on paper.. mental ones, maybe). Tomorrow I’m looking forward to family gathering, visiting my Pop in his new Nursing Home, praying my mom and sister get along, making mashed potatoes, and keeping special memories of my Gram close to my heart. 

While the Thanksgiving to-do list is getting longer, I must first take care of my DDA to-do list. Specifically working on a few website design concepts for our medical division, DDA Medical. We are currently developing many levels of website designs for doctors in the neurological field offering them varied, high-end websites that include interactive flash animation tools and/or a video spokesperson and patient tools not seen on many other template designs. We are not and never have been a website template-based advertising agency. Each corporate and medical website we develop is custom, one-of-a-kind and through extensive research, custom menus and discussions with our client, they are delivered an optimized website that works. You won’t find this level of detail, process and customer service anywhere else. Just like you won’t find me singing Christmas Carols before Thanksgiving or shopping the day after at 4am.