Truthfulness, bravery and unselfishness

Lately my 4-year old has been watching Pinocchio everyday. In fact, he was up at 5:30 am this morning to watch it again. I didn’t really enjoy that. Anyway. I can’t say I remember watching this movie when I was little, so I’ve rather enjoyed each showing (except for this morning’s 5:30 am showing). You all know the story. The blue fairy comes and makes the wooden toy alive promising to make him a real boy if he shows that he is truthful, brave and unselfish (or something like that). So, as I watch my own little boys learn all of these qualities I thought.. hmm.. DDA already exercises these qualities. (ok, maybe not, but for purposes of this blog, I did).

Truthfulness – we are up front about our process, our price and our abilities. Time spent on your project is tracked down to the minute!

Bravery- The bigger, more complicated the project, the better! So, bring on your Healthcare IT website design or e-learning tool. We’re always up for a challenge and with our state-of-the-art facility your project will get the royal treatment.

Unselfishness- I suppose you can define selfishness as placing one’s own needs or desires above the needs or desires of others. That doesn’t sound very team-like to me. So, in that case, DDA is definately not selfish. We are team-based professionals. When a multi-dimensional project begins, such as a Continuing Medical Education website, all department heads meet and define each other’s role and when the project is completed the successes are enjoyed by all, equally!

So, you will find no wooden boys (or girls) at DDA… only real live talented, experienced individuals!