Our family living room is a big area and it is the central hub for watching movies, playing toys, building forts, and taking a rest. The only problem with it was that there were only two windows on the North wall, which didn’t allow for the evening sun to brighten it up. So, after convincing my husband that I was right and that we needed two windows on either side of our fireplace, which is on the West wall it finally happened. After over a year of waiting a family friend and brilliant contractor installed them and what a difference! The evening sun poured through the living room, the kids were happier, my husband couldn’t stop looking out the window at our new view, the cross-breeze kept the room cooler and then, it happened. Pepe’s ice cream truck stopped right in front of our house for the first time this summer and we all indulged in a celebratory ice cream when we should have been eating dinner. I scored big mommy points for that one! It was a somewhat small change that caused in a huge positive effect – sometimes called tweaking. The graphic design department, multimedia department and well, heavens, I’m sure all our departments need to tweak their work to get it just right. Sometimes we can spend all day tweaking a website or brochure design with no obvious positive results but there are times when simply changing a font or selecting a different photo makes a world of difference. I’m sure the copywriting department tweaks their work until just the right advertising message or search engine optimized content is finished. Currently, I’m doing the finally tweaking of the new updates to our website and Reggie, one of our programmers and Melissa, one of our graphic designers are putting the finishing touches and final tweaks on a kitchen cabinet website that’s soon to launch.  There is no sun pouring through our new windows right now, but the natural light is just yummy. As we sit down for dinner tonight, I’m sure there will be (hopefully Pepe takes a different route today)!