Want vs. Need

I am guilty of wanting many things. Right now my main “want” is a new SLR Digital Camera so I can take more professional looking photographs of my kids. My husband and I also want to put two new windows in our living room to make it brighter. We want to get more topsoil so we can finish planting grass where there are bare spots on our land. I want to lose the last 10 lbs of baby weight and I want a new couch for the living room. I can keep this up all day…  But, there are really only a few things I really need.  

Right now I need to finish 3 website design concepts for a cabinet website we are working on. I do want to work on it but I also really need to finish the designs today. I also need to pick up my kids at noon today and I NEED them to take a nap this afternoon so I can get back to work and cross off other tasks such as revisions to a logo design project and begin work on more website design concepts for another client who was so pleased with our trade show graphic design has asked us to work on their website.  So, as I get back to my design work I will also be thinking of reasons to turn my want for a new Digital SLR Camera into a “need”.