Watching Myself Design

My home office is equipped with a MAC G5, Cinema display, printer, fax, PC laptop, a 3-year-old, and a 6-month-old. Did I mention there is a iSight camera on my computer that connects me to DDA’s main office so that fellow colleagues can know that while I’m not here in body for three days out of the week, I am here with them virtually. They can see me, talk to me, and have meetings in my office with me even though I am at home juggling with work, kids (when they’re not napping or spending time with Grandma or Dad) and getting dinner on the table by 5:30pm.

One of the oddest things is watching yourself work. While the camera is on, I can not only see my DDA office, but I can see myself in the corner of the iChat window all day. It’s like having a mirror in front of your computer that reflects all the faces you make while you write emails, design, think and talk on the phone. It can make one quite self-conscious. But, I have adapted, and while I am working away on a logo design, website design, or any of the other various graphic design projects on my task list I sometimes stop and take a moment to see just what type of expression is being broadcasted. If you don’t laugh at it, you’d cry!