Websites that work 24/7

I finally did it. I ventured into a store specializing in sleep, specifically mattresses and pillows. I’ve had enough of waking up with a stiff neck and miserable sleep. I’ve tried all sorts of pillows including the Perfect Pillow that my mom let me borrow, but that was neither Perfect nor a pillow… a hard piece of foam is what it was. So, there I was completely vertical trying out dozens of pillows under the watchful eye of the salesman who was as concerned about my pillow choice as I was. Pillow after pillow was delivered to my temporary bed. I tried all sorts of shapes, sizes and fillers but it was the first one the salesperson picked that I ultimately agreed to take home with me. I am so thrilled with my decision to invest in a good night’s sleep. DDA has many of the same characteristics as I experienced at the pillow store over the weekend. While we have no sales people (our highly optimized website finds work for us!) we do have a highly trained and talented staff of experienced professionals who have a vested interest in our clients and the projects that we deliver. So, while you can certainly have a website created for you for pennies, does it give you results or just a stiff neck? DDA will not only deliver you a professionally designed custom website for your business or company, we will optimize it with keywords that are specifically chosen for your industry so while you are sleeping your website is still working… which just may give you a better night sleep!