Websites, trading cards and the sniffles

Last week served up some pretty tight deadlines. First on the menu was a website design for a company that manufacturers spectrometers. A number of designs needed to be finished by end of day Thursday and I’m happy to announce we delivered and I am now anxiously awaiting feedback. At the same time a trading card design for another new client had to be in production by Thursday morning. A flurry of edits, design tweaks and approvals were going back and forth and after I watched the last file upload to the production department, I took a deep breath and got to work on a temporary website design for the same client. A well-organized staff, a proven design process and experienced designers make deadlines possible to meet and in fact, since my 6 years at DDA we have never missed a deadline.

So, at 6pm on Thursday when I would have hoped to start a relaxing evening at home with the boys, my youngest decided to run a fever and develop a runny nose. I think more teeth are about to join the 7 he already has. My once restful nights were disrupted by my little guy struggling to get comfortable. I didn’t mind though… there’s something quite sweet about an almost 1 year old rubbing his boogies all over you in the middle of the night. The rest of the weekend was just as busy as my husband announced he had the sniffles which rendered him useless… thankfully my 3-year old was so obsessed with the hand sanitizer I left out he had the cleanest hands in the house.

Monday has arrived and after spending some time today working on a design for DDA Green (coming soon!) I have finally caught my breath and was thankful last week’s tight deadlines were met and was equally thankful when my husband called and said everyone is healthy again!