What a garden variety makes!

I was thinking the other day how fortunate I am to work on such a variety of design projects. Today, I will be finalizing a logo design for DDA’s new division, DDA CMT (Corporate and Medical Training), then I have some web design updates for DDA’s Corporate site, and finally I will continue my work on a new cover design for a brochure folder, which is in it’s third cycle of printing. What a variety! This sort of variety, I believe, is especially important for any graphic designer. There is a risk of getting to comfortable with one subject matter and failing to expand one’s horizon into other areas of advertising, which helps to keep our designs fresh and consistent from one project to another. This is especially important for many of the Corporate Identity projects we have worked on. My 3-year old child has a book that teaches us the beauty of all the ways one thing can take on different shapes and colors… but it is still the same thing and this one thing can be loved by many different types of people. In some respects I think that that my job as a graphic designer is just that… to design each project that will be accepted and “loved” by the great variety of our clients.