“What did we do without ________”

When I was little, my dad went out and bought a beta player. We watched maybe 2 movies on it and then 5 minutes later the VCR player was in stores. He purchased one of those and soon to follow was a camcorder that must have weighed 25 lbs. We took tons of home movies and with each new gadget purchase we said, “How did we live without this?” During that time, my parents bought my sister and I an Apple IIe computer. We played basic games and printed out huge banners for birthday parties and we were pleased. We also played video games on our Intellivision and even my grandmother played until she got blisters on her thumbs. Next up was an upgraded computer and then another upgraded computer and another and then a DVD Player and a digital camera, a digital video recorder, the Internet, Google, email, eBay, YouTube, Facebook, billpay, etc. And with each new technological addition we would say, “How did we live without that”.

When my 4-year old asks me a “Why?” and I don’t know how to answer it, I turn to Google or YouTube and he’s satisfied… although, five more “Whys?” are soon to follow.

So, while gadgets, computers, associated applications and interactive games are advancing in leaps and bounds, DDA is ready to apply their experience and skill. Interface designs, programming, copywriting, Flash animation and skillful graphic designers focusing on proper use of typography, color and imagery abound at DDA. Not only do we know where technology has been, we know where it is now and have a keen insight into where it is going!