What would I do without it!

I know we’ve all said, at one point, “What would I do without the Internet?” or, “What did I do without the Internet?”. This weekend, I purchased some Christmas gifts, printed out a recipe for Macaroni and Cheese, reconnected with a long lost college roommate, rented “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” so my oldest and I can watch it, paid some bills and balanced the checkbook. Without the Internet, I would have had to bundle up two kids, hop in the car and take them Christmas shopping, stop off at the bookstore to buy a recipe book, stop off at the video store, and buy stamps. The Internet has allowed me to consolidate these errands into simple effortless tasks so I have more time to do the things I enjoy, like doing the laundry, cleaning and cooking… wait, I don’t really enjoy those things…. but, I do enjoy when they are done!

Besides the things I’ve mentioned above, I’ve also turned to the Internet for medical advice. Searches like “how to stop a nose bleed” and “bruise on infant’s gum” (which turned out to be caused by a tooth coming in) have answered my questions and saved me a call to the doctor (or to my mom). DDA Medical understands how the Internet has entered and altered all our lifestyles and has solutions for the medical community. Similarly to DDA Corporate which offers every digital advertising service under one roof, DDA Medical offers every medical advertising service from 3d medical animations to medical video production. Health professionals, medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies have called upon us to develop cutting-edge websites that include tools such as medical IT support and online CME tools. Need more info? Just browse through our portfolio. Once you discover all the medical advertising services we can provide, you will be asking yourself “What did I do without the Internet!”