What’s old is new again

Yesterday, my husband hosed off the dirt and bugs from one of my son’s larger bulldozer toys that was left in the yard. He cleaned it up nice and shiny and wrapped some duct tape around a broken handle, then placed it in a nicer area of the yard. Today, around lunchtime, our 3-year old was running around the yard and yes, you guessed it, took one look at his cleaned-up bulldozer and spent a good 10 minutes playing with it. I thought, cleaning up a toy bulldozer that was getting no attention is similar to a website redesign.  Clients come to us all the time with their dirty useless bulldozers and we hose them off, clean them up and while we normally don’t use duct tape (search engine optimized keywords would be it’s equivalent) shiny, new professionally designed, optimized websites are delivered to our clients for users to find and play with.