Words + Tone = Positive Results

As a mother of two very active little boys, I am learning everyday what works to help focus their attention and energy to positive, useful play that results in happy, fun-filled moments rather than broken toys, tantrums and tears. I’m not always successful, but every once in a while I’m amazed at how my words and tone of voice can be so effective. I’m finding that in my adult world, the same basic rules apply. At DDA, we are all busy, multi-tasking individuals working together to develop projects that are focused on our client’s needs combined with a vision complete with professional experiences and advertising know-how. Our success lies in our ability to communicate, work together as a team and above all have fun at the same time. Every new project I encounter, whether it be a new corporate or medical website design, package design, live streaming webcast interface design or corporate or medical logo design, I bring the same amount of energy and focus.

So that we can work as efficiently as possible, the goals of each project are discussed and then reviewed with the client. Oftentimes the goals are clear and we are in complete agreement with the client, sometimes we will disagree with the client or vice versa and every now and then there are internal disagreements as to the goals of any one project. And I say great! Why? Well, wouldn’t it be odd if everyone agreed with everything all the time? Not realistic. But, what works to solve disagreements and communicate a focused goal is: 1. using the right words and 2. tone of voice. We’re not much different than kids really… we all want to be spoken to respectfully and know that our understanding of a project is important.