Wrapping up the DDA Posters

I think I can safely say we are ready to go to print with the DDA Posters… all 7 of them… wait, I mean 8. Yes, 8 posters: DDA Corp, DDA Medical, DDA Video, DDA CMT, Programming, Web Development, Graphic Design, and Copywriting. I’m quite pleased with them and as soon as they are approved and press-ready, I’ll be sure to include a link in a future post for all to review. Ah, that feeling of being finished and moving on with a new project. What will I be moving on to you ask? Well, DDA is soon going to launch two new divisions (areas of focus): DDA SEM (The Top 10 Most Dependable Search Engine Marketing Firms in the United States) and DDA Apps (Online Applications On Time, On Budget). Our goal is to have these sections available on our site by week’s end. Most of the content is already on our site…. tons of areas full of content describing our website development process, a Reality Check to find out if your company has adjusted to the new realities of Marketing in the 21st Century, and a Target your Keywords game with our very own Search Engine Optimization Specialist, Jessica. So, as I put the DDA Posters to bed this week, I will be quite busy with the new areas of DDA that wait, uh oh, will DDA SEM and DDA Apps need posters too? Shh…. I won’t say anything if you don’t!