Yummy Design

This Saturday my hometown will be having a town-wide yard sale event. Normally my husband and I pass, but this time around we’ve loaded up our garage with baby paraphernalia, old clothes, and broken electronic equipment (which will be put out for FREE). I’m getting quite excited about it already, not because of the money that we will hopefully make, but for 2 other reasons. 1. We get to clean house and free up some space for more stuff! and 2. I get to make signs and labels and all the yummy graphic design pieces that the other houses won’t have… (insert evil laugh here). In fact, if you’re bored this weekend take a drive up to my neighborhood and next to the ELKS lodge there are four FOR SALE signs that my dad asked me to whip up for him so they can sell off some land lots. Of course, when it comes to putting type on paper, I can’t just whip it up. I prepared the type in Illustrator, maximizing the space I was alloted and carefully, with a ruler of course, copied the lettering onto each sign and spent most of the entire next day filling in the letters with a giant Sharpie marker (outside of course.. those things are wicked smelly). He’s already had a number of people inquire about the lots, and I can’t help but to think that it was because of the great signage! As I’m sure any designer will tell you design isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life and it permeates everything you do. It affects the purchases you make, the way you read a magazine, and the children’s books you pick out for your kids. So, the work I do for DDA, which includes logo design, website design, brochure and trade show graphic design, doesn’t feel so much like a job, but a way of life.