25 Minutes

They say the most valuable commodity we all own is time. I believe it. Americans are bombarded by as many as 17,000 advertising images a day, they watch, on average, over 4 hours of TV a day, sleep too little, email too much and spend far too little time around the dinner table.

Yet, for the last few years the average visitor to DDA’s website spends between twenty and twenty-five minutes browsing. People don’t believe it when I say this, but it is true. Best web design practices encourage building websites that are sticky. The DDACorp, DDAMedical, and DDAVideo sites must have been designed with crazy glue.

Extensive online Portfolios, the Latest and Greatest section, the Learn and Enjoy links, ZOZ, the Interactive Pyramid and the hundreds of unique projects are just some of the reasons visitors bless us with their lengthy presence.

Thank you to all of the past and future visitors, and current and future clients that invest their precious time, and sometimes reach out to work with us.

We appreciate YOU!