30 Frames a Second

The old Confucian proverb says a picture is worth a thousand words.

One second of video has 30 frames (pictures), so each minute has 180 pictures and each hour has 10,800 pictures. So if a picture is worth a thousand words, then an hour of video is is worth 10,800,000 words.

According to Google there are at almost fourteen billion (13,800,000,000) pages in their database with some text on it. Not quite sure how many videos there are on the web, but just for interest, lets say a billion. let’s continue by guessing that the average video length is 5 minutes. This equals more than eighty three million hours and we already know that an hour of video is worth 10,800,000 words so the total number of word equivalents is 89.64 trillion and at about 200 words per page that would equal 4.482 billion pages.

So informationally speaking, there is about three times the amount of textual information on the Internet then there is that is video based. And as we all know, that ratio has changed dramatically over the last three years. I think it is safe to say that the ratio will equalize, and perhaps reverse during the next three years.

So, DDA Video wants to ask, with all of the world’s population becoming much more video-centric, and with the excellent webcasting and video streaming capability of companies like DDA Video, why do most web pages offer the website visitor a user experience that requires him/her to be a reader and not a viewer?