A Recession is not a Depression

America’s population is just over 4% of the world total. Americas economy is about 25% of the world total. Economic metrics more-or-less match the same period in 2007. Unemployment is about 5%. Inflation is under control. Real income is same as last year or slightly higher (up half  a percent).

OK, so the economy is not growing like China’s (which could be a blog post within itself), but things are stable and Americans are spending as usual. All a recession means is that there is not positive growth. This is not a depression and the sky is not falling.

DDA, DDA Medical, and DDA Video may truly be some of the nation’s best economic indicators. Business is steady. We continue to find new clients in all areas from website design, corporate and medical video production, photography, and custom programming, to animation, marketing and branding, illustration, graphic design, copywriting, and search engine optimization. We are growing. We are also preparing new ventures, new portals, and new business initiatives that explain, illuminate, highlight, and present who we are and what we do.

We are grateful for our long client list, and we are grateful for our new clients. Most of all, we are grateful for our country. The greatest country on earth that, while not perfect, is always trying to do the right thing.