A World of Pretenders

At the risk of sounding cynical or bitter, which I am not, I’d like to make a global condemnation of people who pretend to know something they don’t.

In part, it is an organic outgrowth of the pace at which things move in today’s highly technological world. In part, it is the artificial and manipulated result of how important and pronounced the divide is between those who have certain knowledge and those who don’t. However, perhaps it is mostly a reflection of America’s celebrity/Hollyword/lip-synched culture that puts its stamp of approval on the notion that truth and reality are in the eyes of the beholder and one’s right to dispense myth is fine as long as there are those that will believe it. Certainly, politics are the perfect example of the bending of truth in every direction.

At DDA, will like to believe that the truth is important, that knowing all is impossible, that knowing a lot has great value, but only if it is real, shared and applied. When DDA begins a project discussion with a new or existing client, whether for a website development, a CME (Continuing Medical Education) Portal, a print brochure design, a video script/production, custom programming, a medical illustration or any other artistic or technological application, we share information and ideas, ask and answer questions, give and take, and explore together. No one firm or individual knows everything, but DDA promises that your time won’t be wasted, your intelligence won’t be insulted, and your lack of specific knowledge will not be used in a negative way.