Advertising and Marketing Choices

Election Day 2008 is finally here. Americans have two choices for President this year and while one is different from the other, they may not necessarily be the best choices nor do they represent all of the potential choices, nor do they come with good objective information about how each choice differs.

One of DDA’s most valuable skills that has developed over the last decade and a half is the ability to fully understand, explain, and present information in easy-to-understand and unbiased ways. With every website redevelopment, brochure design, programming plan, illustration, interactive flash tool, video script, video editing and video production, or other marketing or advertising project, it is important that there be a true consultative and interactive exchange between DDA and the client. The client needs information presented, concepts offered, issues raised, and knowledge shared if he or she is going to make the best decision to insure the projects success.

While DDA does not bill for consultation, it is automatically, organically and eagerly included in everything we do. It is not in our interest to have the client see it our way, it is in our interest to have the client make the right decision. While we are not shy about expressing our point-of-view, we are protective of the value and blessing of our long term relationships.

Every client, every project, every ad campaign, every website building step, every design concept, marketing theme, slogan, visual presentation and custom application is a step the client takes on their journey toward success and growth. There is that old Chinese proverb that says that even a journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step. It is DDA’s job to make sure that the first step, and every step after is a a step in the right direction.