Birthdays and Beer

Corporate culture can be defined as that diverse set of intangibles that tie individuals together with common business approaches, goals, processes, and values. The strength and uniqueness of these intangibles often determines the cohesiveness and competitiveness of the business organization.

Corporate culture intangibles can determine the level of success and even assure or threaten the survival of each business organization.

This is why DDA is proud to say we work four ten-hour days, celebrate each team member’s birthday, and pass out a beer to all staff and clients in our offices and studios at 5:00 on Thursday evening.

It can be argued that making sure one of our Coldfusion or PHP Programmers has his or her birthday celebrated with a cake, gift and song, or having a search marketing specialist pass out beers to the graphic design or website design staff, or DDA choosing to never allow unpaid overtime for the entire team including copywriters, video production crew, flash animators or photographers, can assure the success, growth, and survival of the Corporation, but we are not taking any chances.

So, the hundreds of DDA-centric corporate culture idiosyncrasies that permeate everything we do, including beer night, will always be encouraged, facilitated, and cherished.