Can’t Sleep, Try Counting Your Blessings

The sign on the front lawn of the nearby Church on the corner of Churchville and Street Rd. reads Can’t Sleep, Try Counting Your Blessings!

Americans don’t realize how much we all have to be grateful for.

I am a history major, not marketing nor advertising nor computer science. We live in a great country, have freedoms unequaled in history with material riches, relative peace and a voice in our future both individually and nationally. We have enough food (actually too much), good shelter, laws that are fair and enforced, pretty good schools, and an abundance of employment and career opportunity.

Every member of DDA is here because it is his or her chosen career. The video production staff chose to work in video, the programmers want to code, the photographers, artists and writers are creative types expressing themselves, the IT staff like to figure stuff out. There are no limits, no caste system, no forced inherited career paths, no gender or racial prejudice, no glass ceilings or naysayers saying you can’t do that.

What is so great is not that DDA is so special, although it is. What is so great is that the same situation exists in millions of companies and for hundreds of millions of Americans across the USA…and that is, historically speaking, quite a miracle.