Change is Good

Obama ran on it, the new NJ Governor, Christie also did. People seem to like it, at least they like it when they don’t like their situation, what is happening now or when what they can look forward to is not so appealing.

The one thing we can all count on now is change. It seems things are moving  faster every year. Technology, politics, the economy, education, even sports seems to be ever accelerating, ever scaling, ever growing ever changing.

It keeps us fresh, young, vibrant. It keeps us growing, striving, shedding our skin, so-to-speak, year after year after year.

In Digital, interactive and traditional marketing and advertising, change is ubiquitous as well. The amount of energy funneled into and gnerated by the Internet, interactive experiences and e-learning platforms alone is beyond anything history has to offer as an equivalent. The industrial revolution was slow, steady and at-a-snails-pace when compared to the last fifteen years of the technology revolution.

The reason advertising and marketing, in all of it’s interactive iterations, is moving so fast is because it is a self fulfilling prophecy. The speed of change is directly related to the manpower and mind power addressed to it. With so many millions connected interactively and intellectually, it is no wonder that the speed is ever-accelerating. There are millions of computers connected and as the computers are extensions of  individuals, there are millions of minds connected.

Yes, fortunately change is good because it is here to stay.