A short news alert the other day said that studies have found that creative people are more likely to have mental illness conditions including bipolar disorder. The studies find a connection in the traits that make people creative and also mentally imbalanced.

I imagine that thinking outside the box, obsessiveness, persistence and a drive to make change happen are all traits that lend itself to both the pursuit of creative endeavors and mental instability conditions.

If it is true that creativity and mental illness are shared common traits, in the same people, than my theory is that having an outlet for creativity somehow dissipates the tendency towards mental illness and results in balanced, happy and motivated and creative individuals.

DDA staff proves this point. A very creative group, a very positive group, well focused, socially engaged and devoid of anything resembling mental illness, bipolar disorder or otherwise.

The video production department is a great case-in-point. The lead is one of the most balanced and even-tempered individuals around. The on-location video crews gets along well in every situation, the video cameramen, audio technicians, webcasting IT staff, animation artists, video editors and grips work well together, are always cool, calm and collected and the actors and narrators we work with love being in-studio or on location for a video shoot. Even the video programmers have a creative voice in their code.

Perhaps, mental illness is only a shared trait in creative people that are frustrated, abused, scorned and limited. Creative people have something to say, and at DDA they are heard.