DDA shares well

One of the things DDA does really well is share. We share our time, our passion for the work, our love of good advertising, our interest in seeing clients succeed, our ideas and our belief that everything one does should be done well.

We also share information well and believe it is not only our duty to share information with our clients but it is in our best interest to do so. Many of the dozens of advertising and marketing technologies that we are engaged in, from website development to programming to video production, are highly technical and advanced. Yet, the core concepts, process and ultimate execution are just based on great advertising, good marketing and just plain old common sense.

Our client’s titles and duties run the gamut from marketing executive to sales manager to owner, president and CEO. Generally they are all faced with one main task, build sales, grow the business, add value to their organization. To do so, clients need to make the right choices, the first being the choice of DDA. After that, their decisions need to be based on solid information, objective representation of the facts, great design tests, good advertising slogans, and core messages that target the right customer or end user and score points with each impression.

So sharing is not just something we do well, it is something we do well that both the client and DDA depend on to build long term relationships and more valuable and successful client companies.