Digital before digital was cool

I read an article this morning about an interactive digital agency that was acquired by an advertising agency. The acquiring organization claims that with the addition of the new interactive digital agency they will become a new model for advertising agencies because unlike other conventional interactive agencies, they do branding, marketing and interactive. They even say that, “someone had to do it first”.

Well…someone did. It was Dynamic Digital Advertising and it wasn’t done in a few weeks ago it was done in 1994. With all due respect, you are fourteen years too late to be first.

Dynamic Digital Advertising has been offering extensive, deep and professional branding, marketing and interactive services since 1994. It was our concept and vision since 1994. Now throw in photography (the first digital photography studio in PA), corporate and medical video production, search engine optimization and marketing, custom programming, graphic design for print and interactive CDs, illustration, medical and corporate copy writing, medical and corporate training tools and integrated training systems and more.

In 1995 and 1996 we created and distributed a series of mail pieces promoting our wide range of digital advertising services and our marketing/branding services. An early on was titled “Ride the digital Wave” and a later one was “We were digital before digital was cool”.

As usual, DDA focuses on the work, on our client’s needs, on extreme capability and on producing interactive and non-interactive advertising and marketing tools for clients in a hundred different industries with a focus on creating unique technologies and integrated projects that results in sales, profit and growth for our clients as well as long term relationships between client and DDA.