Follow up to 600 Calories a Day!

As Elizabeth mentioned in her blog, the average American eats an extra 600 calories a day between Thanksgiving and New Years.

I wanted to add that DDA is kind of like the Atkins diet for digital and interactive media production.

We offer a full course and very satisfying menu of all things digital. From logo design to brochures to corporate identities and branding. From strategic marketing to database development to animation, video and web development. We comfortably claim to be one of the most technologically advanced marketing company and advertising agencies on the planet. Our elearning platforms are innovative and great user experiences, our CMEs are always beautiful to use and beautiful to look at. Our custom applications offer the perfect solution, filling but not fattening.

With DDA there is never any filler, no unnecessary starch, no sugary coating. Just great flavor, taste and satisfaction for our clients and their clients, customers or visitors.

So thanks Elizabeth for the overeating warning for the Holiday Season. BTW, did I mention that DDA is hosting a lunch today to say Thank you to our great staff. What’s on the menu you ask? Why Pizza, of course!