Go Cisco

Today Cisco announced a breakthrough Internet Router that will become the backbone of the future Internet. Capacity will increase 12 times versus other routers, making the future Internet faster, smarter and more able to carry much larger amounts of data and video.

Cisco claims enough capacity to download the entire library of congress in 1 second or to carry a phone call from every person in china at the same time. Think how fast, seamless and integrated online video will become.

DDA and DDA Video has been planning for this future Internet for more than a dozen years. In our opinion, web browsing should be a video experience and not a textual experience. Sure, many people still read books. The success of Kindle proves that. But while the average American reads a newspaper or non-web text only occasionally or only when they have to, almost all Americans watch a few to many hours of video (TV) every day. Just imagine how poor an entertainment experience it would be if you went to your Cinemaplex and watched a two hour movie made up exclusively of the written word.

It is definite in our minds, it always has been, the future Internet is video based, and consequently more compelling, more interactive and more effective as a sales, marketing, educational, informational, and experiential tool.

With a long history of 2D, 3D, website design, illustration, photography, video capture and editing, scriptwriting, elearning, programming, flash animation and more, the future Internet is here today at DDA!