Good News!

The world is such a serious place these days. Wars, famine, oil prices, stock market declines, politics, news, murders. Surely there must be some good news. Well, there is.

The world is connected like no other time in history. Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Iphones, Ipods. The world has gone from a set of hemispheres to a handful of continents to a league of nations to a group of local and regional interests to towns and municipalities to neighborhoods to homes and now to individuals.

The Internet connects us, the search engines give us a more organized world and unlimited information, the portals provide news, the social sites give us connections and community, the blogs give us a voice and the human race has never been closer, freer, more knowledgeable and more intrepid. Every individual can now be represented, appreciated and listened to.

Slowly but surely the negativity of the world is eroding, the doomsayers and naysayers are being exposed, the creators of chaos are losing ground.

Time will see more connections, better understanding, less dogma and fundamentalism,  more caregivers, sharers, humanitarians and advocates. Time is really on the side of good and that really is good news.