Great New Facility (deux)

DDA’s recent move into a great new facility is the culmination of a year long search that taught us a great many things about our strengths, opportunities, staff, and ourselves.

Ironically, after many building visits, in a quite large swath of Bucks County, PA and the Philadelphia Metro Area, we ended up with the most perfect state-of-the-art digital advertising facility imaginable just about two miles from where DDA has been located for almost fourteen years.

Things we learned:

1.) If you care more about keeping the staff you have, and accommodating their commute travel needs, than you care about the building itself, the universe will reward you with both the perfect location and the perfect building.

2.) You can’t have too much office space, video studio and photography studio space, or closet space.

3.) If you have never had a real, really big office kitchen before, then you won’t believe how wonderful it is.

4.) Really small bathrooms are OK, if there are enough of them.

5.) The phone system cannot be up soon enough or the Internet connectivity fast enough no matter what you do. Thanks Tyler!

6.) Really high ceilings are really nice.

7.) A beautiful piece of property with great trees makes coming to work more joyful…especially for Indie.

8.) A fresh coat of paint and clean carpets are small miracles.

9.) As close as all 22 of us are, and as well as we all get along, it is really nice to each have enough of our own space.

10.) We are very lucky!