Hooray for Competition

I can honestly say that competitors have never bothered us at DDA.

One of the most difficult and important tasks a marketing person, or business owner has, is sourcing a new vendor for creative and technologically driven traditional and interactive marketing, advertising and information management projects. Difficult because, while they almost always understand well their own industry, and while they can understand many business issues they encounter over a career of vendor relationships, it is often the case that they don’t understand all of the issues, potential pitfalls and ramifications of each step needed for their next project.

Part of what makes DDA different is our need to share information. The more informed the client, the more they understand the DDA value proposition. Great work, innovation, cost effectiveness, personal care and a high level of ethical and responsible behavior.

Whether the project is medical, industrial, B2B, B2C, retail, distributor, wholesaler or manufacturer, the more competitors prospective clients talk to, the more DDA shines. The more proposals received by propsective clients, the more understood the DDA advantages. The more knowledge gained by prospective clients, the more likely the client will make the right decision. When a client says, I have several other proposals, we say GREAT!