Medical Marketing it is a changing

There was a time, many years ago, when the phrase medical marketing meant one physician taking gifts to other physicians in order to encourage patient referrals. Sure, that still goes on today, but it is less important who you know and how many peer presentations you have given and more important who can find you online, what reputation monitoring you have in place and what online reviews can be found about your practice, background and areas of specialty.

The medical marketing world is changing, and not a moment to soon. The old boy network is being replaced by Google rankings, the word-of-mouth patient referrals by social networking Web 2.0, the no out-of-network claims by open access and the poor bedside manner by Best Docs reviews. A breath of fresh air for the patient certainly, one more stressor for the physician.

Today, clinicians need to be on top of their game. Patients come armed with medical information, drugs they want to try, a list of diseases their symptoms might indicate and questions, questions, questions.

Those clinicians that are able to evolve their practice and embrace today’s marketing technologies stand to learn and grow and gain and prosper. Search Engine marketing, patient health records, website design, online communication tools, patient information portals, appointment scheduling, prescription requests and more have gone online and on demand. It is a changing world, and it is changing for the better.