Medical Marketing to the Nth degree.

Each medical marketing company I run into tends to be narrowly focused on just a small piece of medical marketing. It could be, and probably would be, argued that the narrow focus allows them to be “specialists” and do what they do best.

In my opinion, the narrow focus is more likely the result of that particular medical marketing company having found something that worked, with the result being that they therefore just kept doing it.

I know it sounds cynical and jaded and perhaps a bit arrogant, coming from a firm that does everything technical and artistic and medical under one roof, but it is not. DDA Medical has forced itself, for many years, with great pain and steadfast effort to be all things possible. To look at the big picture, understand technology and where it is going, and to include many, many parts and still insist on the sum being greater than the parts.

We live in such an integrated, technologically advanced and complex world. It is a fact of life in advertising, marketing and communications, you may not want to be all things to all people…but if you don’t understand and master all things, you are just a piece of what is needed.