A long term client of ours was in recently to discuss a new website development project. As she was leaving I asked how her son was. I had known yeas ago that he was suffering from Crohns Disease and had endured some painful times.

Her reply almost knocked me off of my feet, Mike died last fall, Sept. 25th, 2007 to be exact. She handed me a card with his photo, date of birth and date of death and a web address on it. Mike was only 19 years old.

I visited the website right after she left, mikesdoodles.net to find photography and artwork Mike had created. Quite beautiful, unique, actually inspiring. I think his artwork must reflect the kind of person he was. He would have fit in perfectly at DDA with the artists, graphic designers, writers, videographers, programmers and photographers.

I actually miss Mike Eberhardt, despite having never known him.