My 10:00 post @ 4:15

It never fails to amaze me how malleable and fragile time is. With only a few appointments today, a never-ending backlog of bookwork and a group of twenty plus twenty and thirty somethings to facilitate and be a resource for, my days never fail to fill and more often than not, overflow.

I am not alone, and in fact many in America fare far worse when it comes to controlling their own day moment-by-moment. We have become a nation of not workaholics but rather a nation of taskaholics. A “to do” list never becomes a have done list.

I am sure it began with downsizing, productivity gains, reduced staffing, and all of the other excuses to get five people to do the work of ten or fifteen or twenty. DDA has never downsized, reduced its workforce of measured productivity gains by the amount of services sold divided by the number of hours worked.

However, with every digital advertising and marketing service under one roof, DDA is constantly growing, pushing, offering more, doing more, meeting challenges and creating, conceptualizing, defining, explaining and selling…always for our clients, always on the leading edge, always with the best intentions.

So what am I complaining about my endless work, our endless task list at DDA is probably, in great part, MY FAULT.