NETworking vs. netWORKING

I spent the day out-of-the-office yesterday, at a very worthwhile networking event. This is something I rarely do and as much as I enjoyed it, and as much as it is a smart and necessary part of building relationships and finding new clients, in some ways it was a diversion from building DDA the way we know how.

No, I am not speaking out of both sides of my mouth and no I am not confused.

DDA’s Internet Marketing is so robust and so vital that the term networking has taken on a whole new meaning. DDA’s SEO Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Rankings, online reputation and website marketing and branding is compelling, engaging and able to compete for rankings on the first pages of Google, Yahoo and MSN. Our portfolios of graphic design projects, website design, animation, illustration, video productions, programming applications, commercial photography and copy writing are large, professional and easily accessed.

The result is networking with the emphasis on NET instead of the emphasis on Working.