No hump day!

It is not always understood why I insist on always telling new clients about our unusual schedule of four ten hour days, Monday to Thursday from 8 am to 6 pm.

First, let me explain that we started doing this in 2000 and are totally addicted to it and cannot see us ever going back to the 9 to 5 x 5 or longer. Been there, done that for decades. We started this schedule in great part to make certain our cherished employees had one more reason to be lifers, or at least long term.

It has worked well that way, but what we also learned and gained was that Elizabeth and I had more time, a better life, less stress and a chance to recover, re-energize and be more even natured and more creative the following week. This business, really more than a business, is an highly integrated part of our life and can take over if you let it.

The days of bookwork all weekend to get ready for Monday, while not over, is infrequent and controlled. I tell every client about it because they have a right to know. It is called full transparency and we practice it in our project management, interactions, billing and all phases of client relations.

I should add that while we may not be fully staffed on Fridays, there are generally staff on site, always staff on call and never an instance when we do not check email and voice messages and respond within one hour.

So hump day, the middle of the week, the day between weeks start and weeks end is really not a day at all at DDA…it is more just a passing moment. Hooray!