Oh those dangerous transitions

Ok, so let’s say you bought a new car. Smells great doesn’t it! Now you have to transition from your old car to your new car. Not a problem!

You take the golf clubs that have been in the trunk since the last time you played, 1987, the half full kleenex box, the registration and insurance card in the glove box, the 50 cents stuck in the seat, the umbrella and of course, the wife and kids sitting in the back and front seats. The new car holds all that plus a ton more stuff, which you will add over the years, and it even has 6 more cup holders than the old one. It is brand spanking new and clean and perfect and boy does it run well.
Now try that with your website. Google has been watching your old corporate website for years. Watching it grow, develop inbound links, get listed on directories. Those pages are like gold…the lifeblood of your business really. At least they should be.

The new site was designed with much back-and-forth and effort by and with your fancy new web design firm. AND, it cost a pretty penny. Now, what did they take with when they moved you to the new website. Not a damned thing. OMG, they are not mean or malicious or uncaring, but they might as well have just hacked into your website and pulled the heart of your business out of its virtual body.

I’ve seen it time and again. I saw it today. Web designers are not search marketing experts (except us) and search marketing experts are generally not web designers (except us).

So watch those dangerous transitions, it’ll crash that new car of yours every time.