Our Responsibility

Studies have found that Nursing is one of the nation’s most stressful occupations. No great insight there. The pace of work, pervasive understaffing and constant dealing with patients’ needs are all stressful in themselves. However, what makes it over-the-top stressful is that nurses tend to have significant responsibilities without the authority to act. That priviledge, of course, is often reserved for the doctors. We strive to offer Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) staffers as much responsibility as they want and can handle successfully, and hopefully, the information, guidance and opportunities to learn to handle them.

We strive to offer clients as much control and input as they want and can handle comfortably, and hopefully the information, choices and clarity they need to achieve the best advertising, marketing and sales resuts.

Transparency plays a role in each of these endeavors. DDA’s role as a pioneering digital interactive full service advertising agency goes way beyond creating and producing advertising and marketing materials and systems. We must educate, inform, illuminate, anticipate need, conceive opportunity and create success. It is a role we embrace daily and try to get better at perpetually.