Peace and Quiet

I’m here on Friday, the fifth day of our four day week. HVAC is off, lights are mostly off, almost all computers are shut down, so I guess we are still doing our Green thing.

Something is definitely different. Its sooo quiet. Phones ring periodically, my typing has a rhythm and the wind is lightly whistling through the trees outside my window. But, it is sooo quiet. How nice.

Guess I, like most guys, am not by nature really a multi-tasker. The luxury of time not racing ahead and of being able to do one-thing at-a-time is really a blessing I underestimate and under-appreciate.

More normal is a dozen website design meetings, a handful of new business development getting to know you sessions, programming planning specification reviews, a few video shoots, perhaps a commercial photography setup or two, some print design efforts and more. All fun stuff for us at DDA, but in our never ending determination to do more than others with less budget and to do work that is more than a cut above and in our passion for the art of advertising we seldom have the luxury of one thing at a time.

So thank you to the clients who keep us moving at a crazy pace and the vision of DDA we all share and the boundless energy of the young and the young-at-heart colleagues we spend 40 hours a week with.

We are sooo lucky to not have the luxury of doing one thing at a time, and we know it, but just today, at this moment in time, the peace and quiet is sooo nice.