Slow Monday, oh my!

I looked at the calendar for this week when I got in this morning and realized there are fewer appointments scheduled for today and tomorrow than I can ever remember. A moment of panic entered my mind, my fight-or-flight instincts took over and stress hormones flooded my body. Every business owner’s dark side took over and my mood plummeted. Is the recession really here and no one wants to do any branding, marketing, graphic design, video production, or advertising of any kind ever again, anywhere in the world, for any industry, service, or product? Is all that we have built in jeopardy?

Thankfully the voice of reason, of common sense, of objectivity and logic and peace and joy whispered in my ear, David, it is April 14th and Tax Day is tomorrow. It will return to normal on Wednesday. It was my wife and partner, Elizabeth, and of course, as usual, she is right.

Wednesday, the tempo will pick up and my life will once again be filled with controlled chaos, too much to do, incessant meetings, lots of questions to answer, and oh the uncontrollable phenomenon of time flying by way-to-fast.

Actually, the quiet and calm of today is kind of nice!