Sorry Laura

Not only is Laura our lead writer, she is also my blog editor and responsible for my daily completion of my blog. So far, I have been at best inconsistent, and at worst, the worst blog slacker on the entire DDA team. Shame on me.

It is my sincere intention to mend my ways immediately. I resolve to make my daily blog informative, entertaining, and routinely submitted by early afternoon each and every day. OK, it is supposed to be done by 10:00 am, but lets get real. Mornings are hectic and hard to plan.

Furthermore, my blogs are going to be filled with great information about website design and development, search engine marketing, brochure, sell sheet and catalog design, calendar design, commercial photography, corporate and medical videos, advertising, marketing, programming, copy writing, flash animation, 2d animation, 3d animation, avatars, and more.

You’ll see Laura, I am turning over a new leaf. I have my nose to the old blog grindstone and will make you proud.

Oh My Goodness…its 2:30 and I haven’t even started on my pile of bookwork.  I guess I just got BLOGGED down in what I was doing!