Talk the Talk

Over the years I have had the opportunity to say to a variety of clients, “It is always hard to be objective about your own business because you are too close to it”.

So to my amazement this weekend, I understood that I have been doing the same thing. For 15 years, DDA has been pioneering and embracing the concept of interactive. Interactive websites, interactive elearning platforms, interactive videos, interactive forms and images and presentations and interactive flash presentations and so much more.

Interactive tools and platforms and portals and graphics. Things DDA invented, created, evolved and moved forward. New, Newer, Newest…Big, Bigger, Biggest…Fun, Cool, Joyful…Memorable, Remarkable, Magical.

We even coined and trademarked the term Interactive Integration™ to describe what is at the core of everything we do at DDA.

In fact, I believe it was so well integrated and assimilated into every single project that we saw no need to talk about it.

This many years later, we find the digital world having followed us to the interactive realm and our glory being stolen by those who do much less but talk about it much more.

So, from now on we not only walk the walk, we talk the talk!