Testing Testing Testing

DDA was, we believe, the first digital photography studio in Pennsylvania. We actually began as a service bureau of sorts for photographers, offering scanning, digital image capture and photo-manipulation services. We also offered full, traditional film based photography services.

As we soon found out, the photographers were scared-to-death by anything digital. Really! One of them told me, “It took me 20 years to switch the film I use and you want me to go digital, are you crazy?”

Having spent our entire lives in advertsing and marketing of one sort or another, we turned on a dime and offered direct services to corporate and medical clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Along with scanning, photo-mainpulation and graphic design, we were soon offering digital photography, video, illustration, animation, 3D modeling, marketing consulting and trade show graphics. It was not long before, website design, CD-ROMs, programming and copywriting were added. More recently, iphone and ipad mobile application development, elearning tools, and interactive platforms of all types have become important and one of our core competencies.

But photography, especially digital photography remains one of our true loves. Throughout the course of our early, trial-by-fire learning curve in digital photography, we adopted the practice of testing every new generation of digital cameras. Sometimes the next generation was indeed better and sometimes not-so-much. But, over the years the technology has continued to improve and refine.

Anyone in the market for some really good, well cared for and originally pretty expensive traditional film cameras?