The American Way

Can America really be so vulnerable.

OK, so the country has had a bad year. Unemployment over 10%, and predicted to stay there for a while, the economic indicators up and down, the stock market uncertain, a trillion dollars of debt to the Chinese, the two party system totally forgetting about the third party…the American Public.

Yes things do look bleak. Perhaps America’s sun is setting and not rising.

Oh, did I mention that we are still 25% of the world’s economy. Is it obvious that when the American consumer gets shaken the aftershock reaches all the way around the world. America is still the leader of the entire world, not just the free world, as they used to describe countries not under the iron curtain. Shake it off America. There will always be ups and downs, peaks and valleys, high points and low points.

Now is a great time to be alive, to be an American, to be an entrepreneur. Start a business, build that website, teach others through elearning, adapt new technology, innovate a medical device, research that disease. Push, reach, strive, innovate, command, lead and prosper. After all it is the American Way.