The Beginning

My wife, life partner and business partner Elizabeth and I met at a trade show. Our first conversation led to a discussion about out mutual love of advertising. This realization was based on years of owning two of my own businesses and extensive corporate marketing experience. The conversation ended casually with the statement, not sure who made it, that someday maybe we would get together and start our own advertising agency.

Prophetic it was. It took almost two decades but in 1994 Dynamic Digital Advertising was born. DDA has and always will be a pioneer, an early adopter, and an innovater. The vision from day one was all things digital and all things advertising under one roof by a team of passionate professionals who did it for the love of the work.

Today, there are 22 of us and we are striving and perfecting with every project, every client, every day in every way possible. Growing all of the time in skill and attitude and capability.

Elizabeth and I are very lucky and we know it. We are also very proud. Not proud of what we have accomplished. Proud of our team, what they do and how they believe and grow. We are just beginning!