The Blogging Habit

Read an article over the weekend that said over 90% of all Blogs have not been written to for two months or more. Why? In most cases it is because no one is reading them.

The article also said that the average professional blogger, working 40 hours a week at his/her craft makes, on average about $1000. per month. Not great pay, and many are dropping out.

Like many things in life, people watch some bloggers, or salesmen, or celebrity actors,  or social network website founders strike it rich, garner lots of publicity and become a big deal. From Amway to Zillow, the dream drives the masses. And, like many things in life, dreams do come true, but not always and often not commonly, and sometimes not ever.

So we at DDA blog do two things to make blogging not get bogged down. First, we make sure we have great websites that are beautifully designed and well search marketed, assuring us of great traffic from visitors who are in traditional and medical advertsing and marketing industry, potential patrons of the advertising and marketing industry’s services or just interested about advertising and marketing. Second, we try to blog for the joy of it. Expressing our feelings and views, sharing with others and having a chance to spout off when things get stressful.

So for many of us at DDA, the blogging habit is a happy habit, and the reward is in the doing.