The Feel Good Moment of My Week

Last night as we were closing the studios I noticed something that made me feel warm all over. I looked out my office window to see that one of our programmers, Vinnie had carried the two bags of trash, that are normally left for Jake, a video editor, to take out.

Nice of him to do and not really his job, but of course, it is not really Jake’s job either. Jake happened to follow Vinnie out the door and Tyler, another programmer, followed the two of them to the parking lot. I have a great view of the trash container, along with sweeping views of the forested back area and parking lot.

Now, all of us are tired and a little stressed after a non-stop ten hour, middle-of-the-week day, and ready to hop in our cars and go home. I watched as Jake went to help Vinnie unlock the trash container and Tyler just automatically followed to help.

So you could make the old joke about how many programmers does it take to take out the trash…but the way I look at it it is just a reflection of the great group of professionals here that help each other, take care of each other, strengthen each other and help make DDA the most technologically advanced and friendly media production firm on the planet!