The Original Universal Developer

Back in 1994-1995-1996 when DDA and DDA Medical began pioneering web development and search marketing and digital photography and other digital advertising and marketing technologies, we were always focused on and concerned about the user experience. Was it easy, was it intuitive, was it fun (whenever appropriate), was it better than anything else the user had experienced? The answer was generally yes, yes, yes, and yes!

Today, fifteen or sixteen years later, the questions are all the same, but one more has been added..will it play everywhere. No, I don’t mean will it play in New York, California and Peoria. I mean, will it play, and play correctly, on an iphone, an ipad, a Blackberry and a desktop. Will the user experience be unfettered, uncompromised and unequaled.

If it is being developed and designed by DDA or DDA Medical, it will. It is almost the first issue to be discussed, the first issue to be resolved. How will it play universally. Correctly of course, when developed by the Original Universal Developer, DDA!