The Perfect Marriage

In its most expanded understanding, the perfect marriage can take the shape of almost anything. People of course, organizations occasionally, food groups often. Narrow it down to business and politics and it becomes more difficult.

I’d like to offer for your curiosity and information what I consider to be the ultimate business perfect marriage. DDA’s seven divisions. DDA Medical, DDA Video, DDA APPS-Programming, DDA USA-USA Marketing for Foreign Firms, DDA Corporate-General Advertising and Marketing, DDA CMT-Corporate and Medical Training, DDA SEM-Search Engine Marketing.

Ignoring the obvious flaw, that with seven divisions, DDA is definitely not a monogamous marriage, a case can be made that the seven Divisions represent an organically grown, perfectly balanced, wisely organized, full spectrum, holistically oriented solution for advertising and marketing for almost any company, in any industry, who wishes to prosper in good times and bad.

That last sentence was almost as complex as the DDA’s business structure. However, a compelling case can be made for why DDA has been so focused, noooo obsessed for the last decade and a half on having every traditional and digital advertising service, created, produced and delivered in-house, under one roof by degreed professionals in the USA.

Video, animation, photography, web development, graphic design, copy-writing, programming, illustration, elearning tools, continuing medical information portals, interactive games, simulation experiences, virtual reality and oh so much more. It really takes seven divisions to house all of that and it gives DDA the singular distinction of being the most technically advanced advertising and marketing organization on the planet.

DDA is an Award winning, client testimonial validated, innovation rich, rocking medical and corporate advertising and marketing firm, and the perfect marriage of extreme capability, obsessive client service and extraordinary value. The perfect marriage.